Friday, June 8, 2007

Choices, Changes, and Me

Life. It’s interesting isn’t it? Each day we make choices. Some may seen inconsequential – others can change our lives forever. The diversity is amazing – from what to wear each morning, when to get up, what to have for lunch to who to marry, when to marry, what trips to go on, who to support, who to spend time with…..all choices, all important. Isn’t it amazing that what to eat for breakfast can define your entire day? How you feel, how hungry you are within the next hour, how healthy you become (or don’t)…choices. Can we ever transform a choice? Reverse a choice? Make something great out of a bad choice? What is a bad choice? What is a good choice? Who decides? The world? Us? Religion? Faith? Conscious? Government? I’ve spent just a few minutes looking at pictures of the people in my life, or people who impacted my life and have since drifted away…everyone is living different lives, experiencing different things, impacting others in different ways. It seems that no one is mindlessly existing…or is that an illusion set by the pictures? It came to one choice to set them on their way – the way they follow now – a way that will change them, define them, transform them…maybe for good….maybe for bad….it’s interesting….