Thursday, March 1, 2012


Actually this tea is so light and calming, almost romantic, that "latte" really doesn't do it justice. Infusion is probably a better description. This tea is fantastic used as a late-night, pre-bedtime soother. It calms anxiety and brings a sense of peace to my body. As my muscles relax and mind quiets, I know my body is saying "thank you". I also find this useful after I put my daughter down for her nap, especially on tough days.

Chamomile is one of my favorite, use for everything herbs. I put it in my daughter's diaper rash ointment, in her after-bath oil salve, in our all-purpose first aid salve, in teas and anywhere else I can sneak it in. This year I'll be attempting to grow it myself, I use it that frequently! These little flowers are famous for their calming effect on the nerves but are also a powerful all-around children's herb and especially used for colic, nervous stress, infections, and stomach disorders. Chamomile is also a great digestive aid. I use it whenever I feel an upset stomach coming on or just feel "blah". These flowers have strong anti-inflammatory properties for both internal and external use such as gastrointestinal distress or sore, achy muscles.

I use lavender in the same way I use chamomile - all the time. It's known as "a first aid kit in a bottle". Nervous disorders, like anxiety, headaches, tension, stress, and insomnia can all be aided or alleviated by lavender. You may want to keep the essential oil on hand as it is a wonderful soother for insect bites, bee stings, and burns [when mixed with honey] and is safe to use on infants and children.

My 20-month old loves this tea and I give it to her from time to time before bed or if she is unusually cranky or anxious. I choose to forego the honey when giving it to her but the real "rule" here is no honey prior to 12-months old.


1 c. water
appx. 2 tbsp. of chamomile and lavender, mixed [3 parts chamomile to 1 part lavender - you can mix a large batch and store it in a tightly sealed glass jar]
1/4 c. non-dairy milk [I love using homemade cashew milk, strained, but you can also use a seed milk if nuts pose a problem for you]
1 - 2 tsp. of honey [optional, or to taste]

Bring water to boil in a small saucepan. Remove from heat and add herbs [either loose or placed in a cotton tea bag or tea ball] to water. Let steep for 5 - 7 minutes [you will want a stronger tea].

Remove tea bags / ball or strain herbs. Add honey and non-dairy milk and warm over low heat.

If you prefer a light froth, place in a blender and secure lid. Blend on high for 20 seconds. Pour into a glass or tea cup and enjoy!

You can find chamomile and lavender here or purchase it in bulk from here. You can also find a great chamomile tea blend, "Evening Reprose", at both of these places or use Tazo Tea's "Calm" tea bags.


Stephanie said...

BEAUTIFUL tea. I feel calmer just looking at it! Hope you are well!

TINA VANDERKLOK, MS, Holistic Nutrition, LEED-AP said...

Thanks Steph!

Breah said...

Tina, this looks amazing. If you use lavendar to aid in headaches or stres, how do you use it? As a tea?

TINA VANDERKLOK, MS, Holistic Nutrition, LEED-AP said...

Hi Breah! For headaches I do use it in teas but I also rub a little bit of essential oil on my temples [it's one of the few essential oils you can apply directly to your skin without diluting it] and add it to homemade lotions. Hope this helps!