Hey there friend.

Welcome to Return To The Garden. I created this site back in 2007 as a place to organize recipes [mine and otherwise] and store other fun health-based nuggets of wisdom I was picking up from time to time. 

However, since that time Return To The Garden has morphed into more than something simply for me. Shortly after this blog came to be, I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and sensitivities - the most serious being gluten. I realized there wasn't a reliable outlet to find information for my new found health dilema, like what in the world is gluten and where do I start?! And so, I began to collect, write, and create recipes in hopes you don't have to face this unknown the way I did. 

In 2013 I created Return to the Garden, LLC and began working with clients as they navigated personal health struggles, educating and providing guidance as needed. 

My personal health journey led me to yoga and meditation and eventually to becoming a registered yoga teacher. Yoga and meditation have been the most important, transforming practices I've embraced and has really become the focus in the work I do.

Currently, Return To The Garden has grown into more than recipes for the gluten-free minded [forced?] person. Here you will find information on healthy pregnancy, growing healthy children, using herbs, brief meditations, a bit of nutrition-based information, as well as a plethora of recipes to cover a variety of allergies, sensitivities, and preferences. You'll also come across ways I've been inspired in an "everything is spiritual" sense as well as current classes and events and scheduling a yoga or meditation session with me. 

My hope is, when you leave this site or finish a class, you feel like you have found a sister in wellness, carry with you a bit of new knowledge as well as inspiration to try new things, and of course, the desire to come back for more! 

My goal is to instill a realization that life is more than simply waking up, traversing the trials of the day, and hitting the pillow with a sigh at night. Deep within each of us there is the sense we were created for more than this - you were created for more than this. I want you to believe it, embrace it

So friend, may you find the beauty in each day and come along with me as we return to the garden and unearth the light that resides within us all. 

Namaste, friends. 

Tina has a Master's in Holistic Nutrition and is a Registered Yoga Teacher [through Prairie Yoga and Yoga Alliance] living in West Michigan. More importantly she is a wife, mother to two children, painter and avid paddleboarder. 

She realized a love for the garden as a little girl and remembers working with her mother at the Farmer's Market where she became entranced by the variety of foods [and people] found there. 

After pursuing a career in interior design, Tina was diagnosed with a gluten allergy followed by a dairy and soy allergy a few months later. Since that time, she has left the world of design and set out on a journey to discover what it means to be fully WHOLE. This has lead her into the powerful healing hands of yoga and meditation, inner stillness and peace. 

By embracing the use of props [such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets], Tina works to make yoga accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of body type, age, and level of experience.

Her meditation classes begin with gentle, subtle body movements which allow the body time to release tension and stress and creates space for the mind to settle. Tina embraces a variety of meditation styles including but not limited to meditation on sound, image, and word or poem; focus on breath; meditation in movement; and pranayama [use of breathing techniques] all to draw students deeper into their bodies and into the peace that resides within. 

Contact Tina for 
private or group yoga instruction at bhavanaholland@gmail.com

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Sherrie said...

I love that I stumbled upon your page. Beautiful photos, recipes + mission. Much love to you and your work.

Stay well,