Wednesday, June 6, 2012


On Sunday one of my closest friends and I had an impromptu picnic among our small backyard orchard while our husbands took in a baseball game. It was a picture perfect day: sunny with a few dream-like puffy clouds scattered about to give a fairy tale appearance, mid-seventy degree temperatures, a light daughter running from picnic blanket to swing set chasing after two of her favorite playmates in the world, giggling the entire way and trying desperately to tell them what to do. These kind of moments make me take in how much I have to be grateful for. They effortlessly strip away my cynicism and give me a glimpse into an enchanted world - one filled with laughter, glee, and beautiful friendships. It's as if heaven transformed earth for a while - a very holy, pure moment. Have you ever had one of these days? If so, you know exactly what I mean.

This particular afternoon also brought to mind of all the things I love about spring. The new green-ness that just some how happens. A garden no longer stark with only the hope of what is to come. Walks and pond-side yoga; Farmer's Market treasures and open windows; soft breezes and sun tea; and all of the other things that make spring one of my favorite times of the year. It also reminded me of the things that have become "my favorites" over the last few months [ie. things I use all of the time, recipes I just can't get enough of, you get the picture] - things I wanted to take a minute and share here.

May you take time for a picnic with a friend or friends and be blessed in a deep and powerful way.

Note: Photos are compliments of my very talented husband!


This homemade toothpaste. It takes a bit of getting used to [and by a bit I mean only a day or two] and the color is less than appealing but the effects far outweigh those things. It really feels like I just walked out of the dentist after getting a cleaning!

The mineral tea recipe from this book. It is light, not at all "herb-y", and is packed with minerals.

This cookbook [rarely, and I mean rarely, do I even open a cookbook without pictures but this one is fantastic]. I picked it up from the library and I think at least half of the book is flagged with recipes I want to try! The ones that I have made have been delicious.

Sun tea, sun tea, and more sun tea [or as my daughter says "more tea!"].

I got this gadget for my birthday and can't believe I have lived so long without it! I use it for garlic but also herbs, fresh ginger, and fresh turmeric.

This strawberry shortcake biscuit recipe [If you melt the coconut oil you will get a softer biscuit, if you leave it firm the biscuit will be a bit thicker - both are great. I also added a touch of molasses.] with fresh picked strawberries and this cashew whipped cream.

My Vita-Mix - smoothies, sauces, dressings, and all other blended things have reached a new level of amazing! This is the real workhorse of my kitchen.

Can't wait to try making my own sunscreen from here.

Awesome kombucha recipes and tips found here.

Any children's book written by this author - my daughter can pick them out of a stack and I actually enjoy reading them to her!

My glass straw from this store [which is probably one of my favorite stores as well]. I can't believe how much easier it is to clean than the reusable plastic ones.

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