Monday, January 5, 2015


As my girls get older it seems they are starting to question everything I prefer they eat - mainly vegetables and vitamins. Vegetables aren't so easy to hide in the quantities they need but vitamins are a different story. Recently, I've been sneaking their vitamins and other superfood boosts into these simple snack balls. I pack them when we're out and about, pop one for dessert, or whenever I need a quick jolt of energy. They're so versatile you can adapt them as you please and add just about anything: dried fruit, nut or seed pieces, coconut flakes, spirulina / chlorella, carob or raw cacao powder, veggie powders, [you can fill in the blank].


1/2 c. freshly ground flaxseeds [or any other ground nut or seed of choice]
1/4 c. pumpkin + sunflower seed butter [or any other nut or seed butter of choice]
1/8 c. raw, unfiltered honey*

Place, in a small glass bowl, all ingredients along with any add-ins you choose and mix really well. Roll small chunks of the dough between your [clean!] hands to make bite-size balls. Place in a glass container, cover, and refrigerate. Keep refrigerated and cool when traveling.

Note: Drink plenty of water when you consume flax, psyllium, or chia seeds to help them move through your system. Honey in any form is not suitable for children younger than one year old.

*Raw, unfiltered honey is typically more firm in consistency and lighter in color. True raw honey retains all of its natural vitamins, living enzymes, and other nutritional elements. I love Sleeping Bear Farms Raw Honey as a local option as well as YS Organic Bee Farms Raw Honey. A quick search on can easily connect you to local honey in your area.

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