Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Water, water, everywhere, nary any drop to drink"

When is the last time that, as you were sitting in the shower, you wondered how much water you were using? Has it affected you? Do you truly understand how blessed we are in America to have such a wonderful resource, and how we have abused that priveledge terribly?

Interested - look up you faucet and showerheads. See how many gallons per minute you are using. If you cannot find the style, pay attention to how much water is flowing out. If it is gushing like a broken damn (as I expect most are) then we have a problem.

Here are some tips:

- Don't turn on the water as strong - less water is just as effective!
- Add aerators / low-flow fixtures to your faucets / shower heads!
- Try shortening your showers, turning the water off to shave / shampoo / etc., minimize your bath tup use - uses a lot of water to fill a tub!
- Avoid bottled water and instead bring a reusable bottle - alot of this water comes from Michigan's fresh water taking away from our aquifers, great lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. We pride ourselves on all of the great lakes in this state - what if we lost those? Could Michigan survive? Could the US? The world?

These are just a few tips - keep researching and checking out new ways to our most underestimated but critical resource....if we loose our water we loose our lives......something to think about.

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