Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What I would have done - if only....

Have you ever wondered, looking back and knowing what you know, if you would have done things differently? As I was laying in bed last night trying to catch sheep in my head I began to think of all the things that, as a child, I wish I would have done, would have taken interest in - what kind of person and what kind of habits I would entertain today?

Would I be more unwilling to fall into the trap of consumerism?

Would I be able to look at earth in a deeper, more intentional way?

Would it have been easier to change?

One of the weird things I came up with as I was twisting my engagement ring on my finger was thinking I should have bought all my rings to fit my right hand - that way I could wear them no matter what (for some reason my right fingers are a tad larger than my left, but enough to make a difference)! Weird I know and a very minor thing at that but what if I had thought about EVERYTHING with that kind of intention and future vision....

What if everything was done intentionally, EVERYTHING.

Somehow I think my life would be a little different, okay a lot different. It's interesting how foreign languages are now being taught at a young age because it is easier to pick up - what would happen if sustainability was thought of in that way? What if every child knew how to build a wormery at the age of five? What if we were able to connect scripture directly with earth early on? Is it possible? Are you teaching the children that you come in contact with these ways? I'm learning more and more each day that it is about intention....

It is all about intention.

Know what you do, think about your actions, think about cause and effect, ask the tough questions.

Live intentionally.

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