Thursday, February 25, 2016

HERBAL GREEN TEA with peppermint and moringa

Green tea is one of my favorites but from a Chinese Medicine perspective, is very cooling. Great on a hot summer day but not necessarily what we're looking for in late winter. This tea falls more in the balancing category yet provides many of the benefits of traditional green tea. It's full green goodness, many of the herbs boasting a high chlorophyll content and all dense in nutrients.

Because over 50% of the herbs are on the neutral to cooling spectrum and can be a little drying, adding a teaspoon or two of blackstrap molasses will increase the warming energy and provide gentle lubricating benefits [know that this will change the flavor!]. Raw, pure and local honey can also be used for mild lubrication but will maintain the energy of the tea.


Note: All herbs are cut and dried unless otherwise noted. Please notice omissions necessary for listed health concerns. Clicking on the herb will take you to a more detailed, yet basic and understandable, profile including each herb's history and some medicinal benefits. 

1 c. peppermint leaves [cooling energy]
1/2 c. moringa leaves [warming energy]
1/2 c. nettle leaves [neutral-cool energy]
1/2 c. alfalfa leaves [neutral-cool energy]
1/4 c. lemon balm leaves [cool energy]
1/4 c. ginkgo leaves [neutral energy; omit if coagulation disorder present]
1/4 c. whole fenugreek seeds [warming energy; omit during pregnancy and replace with 1 - 2 T. ginger]

Place all ingredients in a large glass bowl and stir until combined. Scoop approximately one tablespoon of herb mix into a small press n' brew tea bags and seal with hot iron. Store in a glass jar with tight fitting lid in a cool, dark place for 6 - 8 months.

To brew: bring two cups of water to boil. Place one tea bag in a tea cup or pint size ball jar and fill with boiling water. Let steep for 15 - 20 minutes for a strong tea. Drink warm or at room temperature. Add pure, raw honey or blackstrap molasses as desired.

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