Thursday, February 4, 2016


Traveling with children is challenge enough. Add food allergies with food values and traveling can feel next to impossible.

However, there is a way around all this food chaos. A bit of planning ahead can save money, belly aches, and guilt. Having enough snacks on hand will also come in handy when travel plans don't go as expected and food options are few.

Fresh vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds, whole food baked goods and crackers, and a couple sweet treats are easy packing fare that can sustain and satisfy even the most metabolically accelerated kids out there. Although not shown here, I also tuck away GoMacro bars and That's It! bars just in case.

Each of my kids get an insulated lunch bag of such goodies [with small ice pack] tucked inside their backpacks and are able to snack at will.

Travel on!


An Amazon search will prove there are a number of excellent reusable snack bags and containers out there. For air travel, we chose to forgo the reusable bags in lieu of disposable as it seems history repeats itself and these things seem to accidentally get thrown away. However, we did use reusable containers so we'd have them over the course of our trip and rinsed out the disposable bags to reuse them a few times over. 

It's also worth noting that pretzels and crackers are reserved specifically for trips or when called for as a school snack, not mainstays on our plates. Choose pre-packaged snack foods with the least amount of ingredients listed, unless those ingredients are whole foods like nuts and seeds.  

Of course there are ways to do this more seasonally [and I'd love to hear your ideas!], but we have embraced a bit of grace around this topic. We do what we can and then enjoy all of the local fare available at our destination. 

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