Thursday, May 14, 2009

Story of Stuff

This is an incredible, easy to understand look at what goes on in the creation of our stuff - definitely a MUST WATCH:

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Tina said...

This makes me think of a couple things:

1. How hard it is to live in the United States where we are so dependent on the system. It is driving me CRAZY that I am dependent on it for EVERYTHING. I’ve been reading books on food and the journey it takes to get to our plate and it’s disgusting but how can we avoid it right now, today? This is why community is so exciting to me – we can share, work the land, and challenge each other to think about our purchases and ask the tough questions.
2. I just get mad. I get mad that people are exploited for the thing that I may only have for 6 months. That thing may have cost a life. Am I held accountable for that life? When I meet the Lord, and am judge, will he share all the faces that were behind the things – the faces I never saw or cared to look for before? That terrifies me.
3. What can we do? How can we learn from this and help each other? How can we cut down on garbage, waste, and in the end get our leisure time back? I believe that now we know, we’re to blame. Now we have to care. Now we have to act.