Thursday, May 14, 2009

What To Eat

Right now I'm reading What to Eat by Luise Light. It has been an interesting book becuase Luise worked for the USDA while a new pyramid was being designed. She was actually hired for that purpose and documents her experience - the politics that go into it. It's unbelievable that schools are giving funding for foods based on the current pyramid set by the USDA and lobbyists' for different (processed) food companies are the real brains (or money) behind the pyramid. Not only are our kids getting sub-par, kind of-sort of food (if you can call it food) but their gym, art, music, etc. are suffering - obesity is on the rise, we're teaching to test not to work and live, and food allergies / diseases are skyrocketing. The future generation(s) have a lot stacked against them.....I don't agree with everything Light says in her book but it is a great starting point and worth reading.

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