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Today my girls decided not to sleep. At all. Translation, in mamma world that means "today my girls decided to torture me". Okay, it wasn't that bad - the baby did sleep for three ten-minute increments. I'm not sure which is worse: no sleep or constant interruption. Almost any mom [or dad!] of young children will tell you that nap times are the holy grail of parenthood, the ultimate prize after a hard morning of "again!", and "moooommmm!", and "more food!", and "go pee! GO PEE!", and "uh oh", and "bad choice", and timeout, and diaper changing, and more diaper changing, and did I mention diaper changing?

Does it surprise anyone that the energy meter was at an all time low come 3 o'clock? There's no song proclaiming it's 3 o'clock somewhere for a reason. With babe in one arm and toddler in the other I headed to the kitchen [more like wearily dragged myself there in utter defeat] willing it to provide me sustenance and a second wind and maybe some magic knock-out potion for the squirmy sisters. Turns out it provided all of the above. Baby Calm Tincture - thank you. Super Herb Smoothie Blend - thank you too.

If you are looking to pump up your morning smoothie, cereal, or after noon snack, I highly recommend this herbal smoothie blend. My theory is this: get as many nutrients in first thing in the morning that way if the rest of the day is less than admirable [or pure chaos] at least you got a good start. The great thing about the smoothie recipe below is it serves at least 4 which means you've got a great snack for later in the day. You can also give this to your kids [my 2-year-old loves it] which is always an added bonus. It's my go-to when my daughter asks for "more food! more food!".

May it bring you a burst of energy, inspiration and the will to keep going on days that can be summed up with "don't ask".

SPECIAL SAFETY NOTE: Of course all of these herbs are considered safe for the general population, including children and nursing mamas [many are considered common foods around the world], however if you are pregnant please eliminate turmeric, orange peel, fennel seed, and cinnamon. Fennel is generally safe in small amounts [for example, when added to dried beans during cooking] however it should be avoided in concentrated or larger amounts. Cinnamon is safe for culinary use as well but should be avoided in larger amounts. To be on the safe side here, it's best to just remove both from the recipe. If you have any special health conditions or are taking medication of any kind, please talk over the use of herbs with your health care provider as some herbs may interfere with medication or antagonize an existing condition. Of course, most importantly, listen to your body. If you experience any negative side effects [like nausea, vomiting, headaches, hives, or other skin rashes] discontinue use. You can work through the herbs individually to see how each affects your body and eliminate the necessary ones after that.


I give much of the credit for this recipe to Erin at Bulk Herb Store [you will also find the many benefits of each herb listed here as well]. If you don't have the time / energy to make this mix, please check out Erin's blend! You can find almost all of these herbs at Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Rose Herbs. If you are in the Grand Rapids area check out Global Infusion's bulk herb selection.

If you can't find the powder form of some of these herbs you can easily grind them in a herb / spice grinder or a coffee grinder specifically used for herbs. I recommend not mixing your herbs with your coffee grinder unless you want coffee flavored herbs!

Of course, mix and match with what you have or can get a hold of. All of these are optional, the more the better, but all are great to incorporate into your diet.

One part* EACH of the following:

Burdock Root Powder
Beet Root Powder
Marshmallow Root Powder
Alfalfa Powder
Ground Oatstraw [eliminate if you are allergic to oats]

3/4 part* EACH of the following:

Dandelion Leaf Powder
Lemon Balm
Ground Fennel Seed
Ground Chamomile Flower
Ground Red Raspberry Leaf

1/2 part* EACH of the following:

Spinach Powder
Echinacea Root or Leaf Powder
Spirulina Powder
Nutritional Yeast Powder
Hawthorn Berries
Eleuthero Root [Ginseng]
Turmeric Root Powder
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Orange Peel
Ground Lemon Peel

1/4 part* EACH of the following:

St. John's Wort Powder

Serves 4

Disclaimer: In general I try to use as many local foods as possible. However in this recipe I do use a banana, avocado, and orange when they are in season [where grown] as I try to pack in much needed calories while breastfeeding my daughter. Throughout the summer months I substitute a small - medium zucchini for the avocado, eliminate the banana and orange, and throw in some pitted cherries and raspberries. You can also add more greens [like stinging nettle, broccoli, green beans, cucumber or peas], use pineapple in lieu of the orange, and add a carrot or two. This of course changes the flavor a little but that is the beauty of smoothies, they are super flexible!

1 banana [frozen, optional]
1 avocado [optional]
1 c. blueberries, frozen
1 c. strawberries, frozen
A large handful of greens [like sprouts, spinach, or kale - stems removed]
1 orange, peeled
1/2 c. cooked oatmeal with amaranth and ground flaxseeds** or 1/2 c. raw oats + 1/4 c. ground flaxseeds [optional, will make a really thick smoothie]
1 T. local, raw honey
3 - 4 T. Super Herb Smoothie Blend
1 - 2 c. homemade hemp milk [or non-dairy milk of choice]
16 - 18 oz. pure coconut water or regular purified water
handful of ice cubes [optional]

* A "part" is an easy way to measure herbs. Rather than dictating 1 T., 1 tsp., etc. a part allows you to use any form of measurement as long as it is consistent throughout the entire recipe. For example, if you use 1 T. of each herb under "1 Part" you need to use that same measurement throughout [3/4 T., 1/2 T., 1/4 T.]. If you have a kitchen scale, I like to use ounces with this recipe. 

** I like using cooked oats [essentially leftover breakfast!] for this recipe so the smoothie doesn't get gel-like if I store it in the refrigerator. To make, cook raw oats and amaranth [1 part oats + 1/2 part amaranth to 3 parts water] and then mix in a few tablespoons of ground flaxseeds.

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