Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm not one for promoting much on my blog [yup, the lack of ads is VERY intentional] but there is always a time for exceptions. This is one. I was asked to be a guest blogger for Venio, a free personalized healthy meal planning app [go ahead my fellow West Michigan Dutch, do the "free" dance]. The app provides each participant a meal plan, recipes, and the nutritional information for each of those recipes.

The really exciting part, outside of being a guest blogger [check out the post here!], is that they are using a number of the recipes you find here on Return to the Garden to broaden their allergy-friendly recipe bank. Pretty cool, huh?!

I encourage you to check out Venio, especially if the idea of eating healthfully seems unmanageable amidst your crazy schedule, handful of kids, college dorm, the sofa, or [fill in the blank].

Check out my post on habits [you had to know it would come up sometime], specifically how to be successful in making and keeping them. 

May you find ways to make this holiday season a healthy one and maybe sneak in a few new habits along the way. 


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