Saturday, August 20, 2011


Summer brings so many joys: long warm days, sunshine, swimming, open windows, color everywhere, kids playing outside, birds chirping, lazy afternoon naps [okay, maybe in a perfect world], summer camp [ie. vacation for parents] and best of all fresh foods! If you find yourself craving more salads, veggies, and sweet melons, dive head first into those cravings.

Summer is a great time to help the body slowly and naturally detoxify itself, get vitamins and minerals in their purest form, and allow the natural enzymes found in each food to do their jobs. Eating raw foods, direct from the garden [or somebody else's - check out your local farmers market] is a fantastic way to do that. The best part is--there is minimal to no preparation time [if you are like my husband, the cherry tomatoes don't make it into the house!]

Salads are another fantastic way to get creative even if you aren't so handy in the kitchen. This post is more a "motivational speaker" moment and really my simple attempt at encouraging you all to eat more raw foods this summer!

Try these homemade salad dressings to dress up your inspired veggie endeavors:

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