Thursday, March 10, 2011

Veggie Tostada with Cilantro-Lime Rice

2 - 3 corn tortillas
2 large scoops of home-style refried beans
organically grown lettuce
cilantro-lime rice (see recipe below)
avocado, diced

Lay tortillas out on cookie sheet. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle a pinch or so of Real Salt sea salt over each. Place in oven and broil on low until light brown and crunchy. Remove from oven and spread a scoop of refried beans over each. Layer with cilantro-lime rice, lettuce, avocado, and salsa.

Cilantro-Lime Rice Recipe

1 c. brown rice (or rice of choice)
2 tbsp. lime juice
1 tbsp. dry cilantro or 1/4 c. fresh, ground
1 tbsp. olive oil

Cook rice according to instructions. When fully cooked, stir in lime juice, cilantro, and oil.

Note from Tina: I use organic lettuce (we grow it ourselves), homemade salsa, and home-style refried beans (see blog post for recipe).

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